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In Jordan , A young man get his face back using a 3d printer ! 

By Ahmad Alsoussi posted August 24, 2016

Not in the perception of young man in twentieth of his age from Jordan that his presence in a happy occasion will change his live in the strangest way possible ;during this event he was wounded by a bullet in the face while he was attending this event where it was found and after rescuing him that the bullet caused a fracture of the lower jaw and caused obvious deformity in appearance the face.

During his search with doctors for the appropriate treatment plan it was the suggestion of all doctors to place a titanium link to help edit and heal the broken bone, a process in which doctors will open fracture zone from outside of the patient's mouth in order to allow doctors to accurately identify instalation area and to customize and place the titanium link to join the two piece of broken bone but this option was difficult to the patient because it will cause scars and marks on his face after the surgery .

Then he met with Dr. Ikhlas Bani Bakr orthognathic surgery specialist at AlBashir Hospital, she was fortunately aware of 3D printing technology , her solution was to do all preparations for the surgery before even getting into the surgery using a 3D printed model of the patient's broken bone that was printed using 3D printing technology so the doctors then can perform the operation from inside the patient's mouth and operate without leaving any scars or traces on the face.

In Future Minhaj Technology L.L.C. (Printie 3D) , a company specialised in 3D printing , The patient have met with engineer Ahmed Soussi a 3D printing expert and in deed the broken jaw was printed using a 3D model that was generated based on X-rays images; in the below images we can see 3d model and printed 3d plastic model and the model after being used for surgical planning .

After getting the 3d printed model Dr. Ikhlas did the whole surgery planning including titanium joint preparations and deciding where in the bone to be planted accurately; in this context she says that this technology enabled her to save surgery time significantly and substantially increased chances of success.

After three weeks of the successful surgery ,Dr. Ikhlas thinks that this unprecedented technology revolution will occur in the larger world of medicine, surgery and medical research.

It is worth mentioning that 3D printing technology is widely used in various fields starting from printing toys to building full size houses , engineer Ahmed Soussi , an expert in 3d printing technology thinks that this technique have changed many areas as we know it today , and especially in the field Manufacturing, construction, medical field.

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