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🔒 All CAD files are secure and confidential

How It Works


Send CAD files - 3D models - to our engineers will evaluate the project and recommend best material for your project , we will send you price offer by email


3D printing with the best quality materials including but not limited to PLA , ABS , Resins to guarantee customer satisfaction , 3D printing is done same day of order confirmation


We send orders with the best shipping companies to guarantee customer satisfaction and fast delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions 

You can know the price by sending us the 3D models as attachments in an email to or if the files are big you can use a file transfer service like to send us the files ; our engineers will check the files and will send you price and comments by email ; please always include your mobile number and any special requirements and dimensions of the 3D model in the email so we can help you in the best way possible. 

3D Printing calculated based on the amount of material consumed .

Yes , we can provide highly discounted prices for orders with large quantities .

any file format is accepted , however STL, OBJ format is recommended , how ever , we can accept any file from all known 3D modeling softwares .

Currently we can print a maximum size of 20 cm X 20 cm X 25 cm; however , we can help customers to print bigger shapes into parts .

Currently we are focusing on FDM 3D printing with PLA / ABS materials .

You need to have the 3D model in a 3D format , normally we accept files from all know 3D modeling softwares , Also we can help customers with creating the 3D models with convenient prices.

Normally we print all orders same day we receive them from customers , shipping might take from two to three days depending on customer location .

Normally we print with 0.2mm ( 200 micron ) layer thickness ; how ever we can print on lower or higher layer thickness depending on customer requirements .

Unfortunately no , currently we are focusing on providing 3D printing services only .

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