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Resin - White

What material to choose


Green renewable sources such as starch, corn or sugar cane create Polylactic Acid, PLA material or PLA filament. This means that it is better for the environment than other materials as it can be recycled. The perfect material to use in the process of prototyping and modelling with 3D printing. Above all when using the FFF technology, PLA filament is a popular choice in 3D printing.


ABS filament (Acrylonitril-butadieen-styreen) is used a lot in 3D printing. The ABS filament has significant properties that make it a great option, such as its strength and the fact that it is lightweight while it can handle many different chemicals as well. ABS material is also recyclable, which means that it is better for the environment than some other plastics by causing less waste.


PA12 (Polyamide 12, commonly called Nylon). PA12 is an all-purpose, engineering grade plastic which is used across all the major industries, often for challenging applications.

PA12 (Polyamide 12, ‘Nylon’): Fusion Jet PA12 is a very homogeneous and strong plastic which can be used for prototypes and end-use parts.


3D print strong, precise concept models and prototypes that bring your ideas to life with Formlabs’ library of Standard Resins. With a matte surface finish, opaque appearance, and precise details, prints are ready to use right off the printer. Their neutral undertone makes a great base for parts that will eventually be painted or undergo other finishing processes.

White Resin captures smooth surfaces and details, making it great for presentation-ready pieces or as a base for painted prints.

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